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A beautiful and mysterious young woman is captured by a wealthy older man and held captive for many years until she uses her hidden powers to escape.

Meet the Director

Lori Zozzolotto

Lori Zozzolotto is a Canadian writer and director who has written and produced several virtual theatre festivals. She is taking her experience and enthusiasm for theatre writing into the world of film, and ‘Nereid’ is Lori Zozzolotto’s directorial debut. Lori enjoys writing short stories and spending time with her family and two cats.

Cast & Crew

Director Lori Zozzolotto
Writer Lori Zozzolotto
Director of Photography Loucas Loucaides
Editors Loucas Loucaides
Jake Hopkins
Sound Jake Hopkins
Nadra Carol Ann Matus
Santos Anthony Zita
Mick Bernard Applewhaite
Background Mike & Toni Ciliberto
Ulrike Kruger
Christine Hann
Ryan Hann
Visual Effects Imagine Magic FX
Makeup Cat Cabajar
Photography Ulrike Kruger

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New York, US

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March 23, 2024